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We now offer Labwork!

Our lab work is Hormone and wellness based. We look at what your general practitioner doesn't! Something seems off but can't quite figure it out? Chronic Fatigue? Performance is low? Concerned about your weight? 

  • Set up an appointment to get your labs drawn

  • Get results within 2 business days

  • Results emailed directly to you!

Below is just a few we offer.

Call us to schedule your appointment and see our full list of all the panels we offer!

Fatigue Panel

CBC; CMP; TSH; T4; T3; Vitamin B12; Ferritin; Iron Total Binding Capacity; Vitamin D; Testosterone; Estradiol

Women's Complete Hormone Panel

CBC; CMP; Estradiol; Lipid Panel; Progesterone; Testosterone; TSH; T4; T3; Thyroid Peroxidase Abs; Vitamin B12; Vitamin D; Cortisol; FSH; LH

Testosterone Complete Panel

CBC; CMP; Testosterone Free and Total w/SHBG; Estradiol; DHT LC/MS-MS; DHEA-Sulfate; IGF-1; Thyroid Panel TSH/T3/T4; Pregnenolone LC/MS-MS

Weightloss Complete Panel

CBC; CMP; Thyroid Panel T3/T4/TSH; Lipid Panel; Hemoglobin A1C; Insulin FASTING; Vitamin D; Vitamin B12; Prolactin; IGF-1; CRP HS

Men's Complete Hormone Panel

CBC w diff; CMP; Estradiol; Lipid Panel; PSA; Testosterone; TSH; T4; T3; Thyroid Peroxidase Abs; Vitamin B12; Vitamin D; Cortisol; FSH; LH

Functional Medicine Evaluation Panel

CBC; CMP; Hemoglobin A1C; Insulin FASTING; Homocysteine; CRP HS; TSH; Thyroid Peroxidase Abs; Thyroglobulin Abs; T3; T4; Reverse T3; Estradiol; Testosterone Free and Total w/SHBG; DHEA-Sulfate; Progesterone; Iron; Ferritin; Vitamin B12; Folate; Vitamin D

And so many more!
Most panels are under $50!

What Our Clients Say:

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woman selfie for testimonial for Performance Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Jennifer Tolley

"I was feeling tired all the time and no matter what bloodwork I got done with my physician, we could not find out the problem. I was told over and over everyone is tired and stressed. I walked in and we ran the fatigue panel. Results came back quick and finally found out what was wrong! Definitely coming back."
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